Plastic Casings

Oversea Casing provides a complete line of Plastic Casings for every application from cook-in casings, non-cook-in casings, hot fill, chill and reheat casings. Our Plastic Casings are great for ground meat packaging, lunch meats, Mexican sausage, and more!

Oversea Casing provides a complete range of plastic casings for every application:
  • Cooked Ham
  • Cooked Bologna
  • Cooked Salami
  • Cooked Pepperoni
  • Mortadella
  • Liver Sausage
  • Ground Beef and Pork Packaging
  • Mexican Style Sausage


Cook and Ship Round Casings

  • For deli products and retail chubs
  • Cook and Ship plastic casings are multi layered for a high barrier to water and oxygen for maximized product shelf life
  • Their high shrink force and just-right meat adhesion minimize purge and maximize yield

Sliced Molded or D-Shape Products

  • Made with flat width stability and high oxygen barrier to guarantee consistent size
  • Either in a mold or in a D-shape, as well as provide extended shelf life prior to slicing
  • Their high shrink/low shrink force and just-right meat adhesion minimize purge and maximize slicing yields

Fresh or Frozen Plastic Casings

  • For form, chill, freeze applications, these casings are for fresh ground meat, ground sausage or pet food applications chilled or frozen
  • Ideal for patty forming

Smoke Flavor and Solo Transfer Casings

  • From light smoke, golden color products to heavy smoke, Black Forest ham color
  • These casings have all the barrier qualities of plastic casing, while transferring color and/pr smoke flavor to the final product
  • Designed for maximum yield and shelf life, while offering the look and flavor of traditional


Available in the following put ups :

  • Reels
  • Cut Pieces
  • Cut and Tied
  • Cut and Safety Tied
  • Cut and Clipped
  • Shirred
  • Custom Printing up to 5 colors front and back is also available
Plastic Casings Oversea Casing Company


Stuffed Diameter
40-153 mm
28-120 mm
17-32 mm
32-51 mm
2″ – 16″ Flatwidth
These casings are available in a wide variety of sizes and packaging configurations. Contact your Account Executive to get the best fibrous casing for needs.
Plastic Ring Casings Oversea Casing Company



  • It is important to stuff to the recommended stuffing diameter
  • Stuffing too loose can create wrinkled product after cooking and cooling
  • Over stuffing can cause non- uniform diameter or breakage during stuffing or cooking


  • It is crucial to use the right clip size to prevent clip slippage (too large) or casing tearing (too small)
  • Dialing in the correct clipping pressure is equally important
  • Make sure clipper is well maintained, functioning properly and free of rough or sharp edges


  • Similar cooking cycles as used for fibrous casings can be used with cooked product in plastic casing
  • As there is virtually no moisture loss with these casings, products generally need to be formulated with lower initial water content


  • After cooking, cool the product with water or in a brine chill

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