Fibrous Casings

Whether you produce or sell smoked, dried or fermented sausage products, our Fibrous Casings will enhance your offerings. Our Fibrous Casings are great for making summer sausage, pepperoni, lunch meats, and more!

Oversea Casing offers a complete line of fibrous casings for a wide variety of sausage products:
  • Summer Sausage
  • Pepperoni
  • Salami
  • Lunch Meats
  • Hams



  • Manufactured for smoked, dried or cooked deli products, allowing some meat adhesion
  • Excellent permeability for smoke penetration and moisture transmission
  • Ideal for bologna, salami, and summer sausage


  • A special inner coating allows the ready release of the casings from the meat surface after processing
  • Ideal for boneless hams and products where the casing is removed before slicing or packaging

Meat Cling

  • The inner surface is treated for the casings to adhere to the surface of the product
  • Ideal for dry sausages and products that are sliced with the rind (casing) left on


Available in the following put ups :

  • Reels
  • Cut Pieces
  • Cut and Tied
  • Cut and Safety Tied
  • Cut and Clipped
  • Shirred
  • Custom Printing up to 5 colors front and back is also available.


Fibrous casings are available in a wide variety of sizes and packaging configurations.

Contact your Account Executive to get the best fibrous casing for needs.

Stuffing Diameter
42-198 mm
42-198 mm
Meat Cling
42-164 mm


How to Use

  • In order to achieve the recommended stuffing diameter of the casing and maximize resistance to breakage, fibrous casings must be soaked in water prior to use
  • Minimum soaking time is 30 minutes and maximum of 8 hours in water at 80° – 100° F (27° – 38° C)
  • Shirred casings should be soaked for approximately 1 hour in water at 80° – 100° F (27° – 38° C)

Storage and Handling Instructions

  • Store in a cool, dry location away from steam pipes, hot storage areas or direct sunlight
  • Ideal storage temperatures are 40° to 75° F (4° to 24° C)
  • Keep products sealed in original cartons until ready to use
  • Keep stock fresh by using oldest stock first
  • Store containers with shipping label showing for easy identification

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