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Types of Oversea Casings Available

Natural Casings
Natural casings are the preference of the Wurstmacher for good reason.

First of all, is the bite. Natural casings provide that special "snap" that true sausage lovers expect.

The casing itself is permeable. It allows the smoke to penetrate through to the sausage to provide the rich flavor the Wurstmacher envisioned.

Permeable natural casings mean the casing bonds with the meat and helps the sausage share its aroma in the deli case or on the skillet. Not only will your sausage pass the test in the store ­ cooking it will fill the room with that sweet aroma only a sausage can!

No other casing can quite match the Naturals for maintaining a fresh appearance and keeping the sausage sweet and juicy. With natural casings, you can be confident that the nuance of flavor and seasonings will shine through with each tender bite.

Natural casings maintain the all important eye-appeal longer. Quite simply, it helps sell-through.

Natural casings also extend the shelf life. They keep the sausage fresher longer. No other casing provides that traditional "look" that so appeals to the sausage lover.

Furthermore, the natural strength of these casings allows the Wurstmacher to maximize the yield in production. There are fewer failures on the line.

For a thousand years, sausage has been made in every country of the world. Germany. Portugal. Mexico. Italy. China. All have their secrets for sausage. The one consistency over time is that natural casings have been the product of choice. That remains so today. We know. We supply them.

Sheep casings have been the core of our business since 1934. We use New Zealand sheep casings because that country provides some of the finest sheep grazing pastures in the world. For quality animals, look to their food source. It is because we are sausage lovers that we built our business around New Zealand sheep casings. Not everyone can tell the difference, but we can. Sheep casings are very popular for Bockwurst, Frankfurters, Breakfast Sausage and Poultry Sausage.

Although the company is recognized for sheep casings, our most popular product is natural hog casing. This has been true for 30 years. These casings are famous for long strands of extra-clean white color unlike any other casing with which we¹ve worked. The soft texture makes an incredible sausage. If you've never experienced sausage making with this product, sample it today. If will become one of your staples, too. Hog casings are often preferred for Country Style Sausage, Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Dinner Franks, Kielbasa, Bratwurst, Kishka and, of course, pork sausage.

For beef casings, we've turned to South America. The gauchos care for and raise some of the finest beef in the world. We like the strength of the casings for manufacturing. The snap is perfect. Smoke absorption is unexcelled. So the flavor is hearty and rich. These are great casings. The most common beef casings are Beef Bung Caps, Beef Rounds and Beef Middles. The Beef Bung Caps are popular for Capocolla, Veal Sausage, Cooked Salami, Lebanon and Large Bologna. Beef Rounds are a popular casing for round shapes such as Ring Bologna, Ring Liver Sausage, Mettwurst, Blood Sausage, Kishka, Holsteiner and Polish Sausage. Beef Middles are often used for Leona Style Sausage, Dry and Semi-dry Cervelats, Dry and Cooked Salami and Veal Sausage.

Artificial Casings

Cellulose Casings
Cellulose casings are designed for maximum efficiency in high volume production. They provide exacting specifications and performance needed in today's rapid manufacturing environment. We recommend Cellulose casings for skinless products like hot dogs, bratwurst and polish sausages. Cellulose casings enhance peeling. They can be color-coded for production or inventory control or for counter appeal in-store. Cellulose also enables printing for branded products or labeling.

Collagen Casings
Collagen is a synthetic casing processed from natural proteins. It is an edible product, although wider diameters may be difficult to chew. Heavier versions are available that are non-edible, in which the casing is easily removable from the product. Our collagen casings are produced to exact specifications necessary for portion control, pre-cooked, snack stick or standard weight packaging for super markets and chains. Collagen is an excellent choice casing for Pepperoni, Smoked Polish Sausages, Cooked Bratwurst and Smoked Pork Sausage.

Fibrous Casings
Fibrous casings provide excellent permeability for smoking. They hold form well and are easily peeled for slicing, which is one of their stronger attributes. You can print on these casings for brand identity or other packaging requirements. Fibrous casings are ideal for Cooked, Smoked or Dried Deli products such as Salami, Capocolla, Braunschwieger, Summer Sausage, Bologna and Mortadela.

Plastic Casings
Plastic casings provide a strong, safe barrier for cooking or freezing product as well as the longest shelf life. It is a recommended casing for sterile shipping requirements. Plastic casings provide exacting standards for a wide range of cooking temperatures, shipping convenience, marketing messages and long shelf life without re-packaging.