The Wurstmacher's Casing
We never forget: When we ship, it has our name on it. But when it sells, it has your name on it!

Tradition from across the years. Supply from around the world.

Quality Sheep casings from New Zealand, Australia, USA
Quality Hog Casings from North America
Quality Beef casings from the ranches of South America
Long Strands. Snow White. Soft Texture.
Longer strands for improved productivity on the line.
No heavy veining. No cloudy appearance. Fewer whiskers.

Reliable Supply
Oversea Casing is directly associated with the slaughterhouse. We have an unending supply of quality natural casings. Our supply chain has made us one of the world's largest suppliers of sheep casings. Our associations stretch to New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Denmark, South American and even China.

Casings for the Wurstmacher
Deep Smoke Penetration.
Snap that creates bite appeal.
Clarity for the traditionalist's eye appeal.
Casings that breathe to share their aroma.
Ethnic - Gourmet - Specialty.
Whether it's old world gourmet sausages or high volume franks, Oversea Casing reliably provides the casings you require.

Quality you want.
Pricing you need.
Supply you can count on.