The Wurstmacher's Casing
We never forget: When we ship, it has our name on it. But when it sells, it has your name on it!

How Oversea Casing became the "Wurstmacher's Casing"

Prohibition is in full swing. Al Capone makes $60 million this year. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Leo Durocher all play for the New York Yankees. Mickey Mouse has his talking debut in "Steamboat Willie". Hemingway moves to Key West Florida and begins work on "A Farewell to Arms". The Dow Jones reaches 100. Commander Richard Byrd sets sail from Hoboken, New Jersey heading towards Antarctica.

And Perry Levinson with his father, David Levinson, open Oversea Casing Company.

The family has been in the sausage business for almost eight decades. Today, the business is run by the fourth generation. We've been sausage makers as well as a supplier to the industry.

In 1932 something happened that changed the fortunes of the company. Perry decided that for better quality and more reliable supply, he had to be closer to the source of casings. That source was in New Zealand. Perry knew that it was not only the largest supply, but the highest quality product. That remains as true today as it was in 1932.

But this was the year Kingsford Smith pioneered transpacific flight. Passenger service was still years away. So a trip to New Zealand meant a three week journey by boat.

So Perry boarded the Matson Liner Monterey for the long journey to Hawaii, several South Sea Islands, Australia and finally into New Zealand. It was an arduous journey at that time, but an important one for Oversea Casing. It began the groundwork for a relationship that continues today.

On that visit, Perry met lots of sausage people. It is one a reason Oversea Casing is one of the world's largest suppliers of quality sheep casings.

That model of tying the company to quality resources has been expanded. Today, Oversea Casing has relationships in Denmark, South America, Germany, Australia, Canada and China. We have become a worldwide supplier of casings to quality manufacturers on every continent in the world - except, of course, Antarctica.

Every casing must comply with Oversea Casing's specifications. Each casing is inflated with water and carefully gauged for diameter. Naturally, under these circumstances, our casings are uniform, and as perfect as possible.
The craftsmanship of creating sausages is deeply ingrained in the company. Today, technology supplements that craftsmanship. It has made the company more efficient and enabled us to improve quality and supply. Advances in technology have allowed us to be more exacting in our specifications, to better facilitate the needs of our customers with casings that are easier and more efficient to stuff. Technology is a bedrock of the company, enabling us to be price leaders in the industry.

But craftsmanship is still at the heart of our organization. First and foremost, we are sausage people. This is why Oversea Casing is considered the Wurstmacher's Casing.

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